Friday, February 12, 2010

Private Session 2

Here's my second fruit of my private session with my private model, presented, as before, in a "making of" series.

In stage one, you can see the grid and the core of the drawing over the grid. I've worked on the lightest parts first. The order went like this: first the drawing; then a very pale wash of umber and burnt ocher to capture her basic skin tone; then the lovely pale nipples and areolae; then, with light underglazing, the basics of her facial features: lips, eyes, right nostril, eyebrows; and finally a base yellowish wash with some light red for the cheeks, chin, and brow.
Stage 2. Here I've obviously worked a lot harder on the model's mouth and begun to rough in the shadows on her face and the shadows that sculpt the shape of her breasts. I am working hard here on the mouth especially, erasing as much as adding color, as this model's herness especially involves her lovely sensuous mouth. Here I think I basically have it.

Stage 3, basically a completed painting. The most interesting thing about this stage for me was how pale I realized the model's face was as soon as I added the dark blue background. Once that background was done, I washed on a lot more of the shadow tones everywhere: ultramarine and violet. The shadows could still be darker in places, especially on the body. Perhaps I'll work on it some more.

This is sort of a technical blog entry.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Private Modeling 1

For the first time ever, I hired a private model to give me a combo painting / photography session. Here's the first fruit of that session: a portrait from one of the photos I took.

The model is a friend of mine who I met because she's a housemate of my yoga teacher. I painted her portrait once before, as depicted here.

The private modeling session was, simply, a religious experience for me: a communion with my spirit, my muse, and my friend all at once. we chatted and laughed all the way through the three-hour session, and I am very excited about other paintings I'm working on.

More to come.