Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rebecca's Cat

Rebecca is my yoga teacher. She has a cat named Kitty Lip (named for the fact that the left side of her mouth got a little messed up following a cat fight). Kitty Lip comes into the room and climbs onto our chests while we're doing shivasana.

I'm pretty darn happy with this, so I'll just rest in my pleasure and gratitude for a bit. Sorry if this sounds boastful. But here are some of the things that I've learned about painting that went into this piece:

  • I've learned a lot about drawing and especially about transferring a photo image to watercolor paper with the use of a grid.
  • I've learned a lot about rendering shadow with the use of pure, cool color rather than with just black or grey or whatever. Kitty Lip is a cream-colored kitty. Who'd have thought that aquamarine was the right color for her shadowed fur?
  • I've learned a lot about brushwork. This painting involved every brush from a no. 2 rigger up to a no. 12 wash brush.
  • I've learned a lot about color-mixing. Kitty Lip has traces of a goldish brown--on her ears, face, and paws. I got the right color with a mix of raw and burnt ochre.
  • I've learned a lot about the use of masking fluid. The whiskers and stray hairs here and there were a bear to mask out, as thin as they are. The answer is fresh masking fluid and a thin brush you don't mind wasting.
I guess that'll do to go on with. Yay for me.